Welcome to DMS Industrial Constructors Inc.

Crane Services

DMS Industrial Constructors specializes in Crane Services and offer a full spectrum of Crane maintenance and inspection services including;


· Overhead cranes

· Monorails

· Jib cranes

· Gantry cranes

· Trolleys

· Chain Falls and Lever Hoists

· Crane Operators


Our trained and certified technicians provide the following services:

  • Scheduled Maintenance and Inspections
  • Troubleshooting and Repairs
  • Load Tests
  • Installation and Relocation
  • Rigging Inspections
  • Emergency Assistance
  • Rail Alignment
  • Structural Modifications
  • NDT Testing
  • Rail Splicing
  • Parts Distribution


We have COR, IMS, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 18001


These programs help to ensure our work will be completed safely and above industry standards. All our services include detailed reports of the work performed including solutions to potential issues or repairs needed.


We also provide an option to create a customized preventative maintenance program that suits the needs of each individual customer, as required. We believe with a proper preventative maintenance program we can help reduce downtime and increase relaibility, creating a safer and more efficient workplace.


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