MCAC Launches WiMC Initiative.

Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada Launches Women in Mechanical Construction Group
New initiative to promote the mechanical contracting industry and workplace inclusiveness for women

The Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada (MCAC) was pleased to announce today a new industry program called Women in Mechanical Construction (WiMC). The program will promote inclusiveness in the mechanical contracting industry, while inviting women to share experiences, explore new opportunities, and learn new skills to assist in career advancement.

“Across Canada, women are providing tremendous contributions to the mechanical contracting industry and we look forward to showcasing that through WiMC,” explained Julie Zulich, Chairperson of the Women in Mechanical Construction steering committee. “We are excited to share those stories and encourage more females to consider this field as a career. As WiMC continues to grow, we are hopeful that we can lay the groundwork for even more women to take on roles in our industry.”

The MCAC Board of Directors voted unanimously in favour of establishing the WiMC in 2018. Since that time, the WiMC initiative has established a mission and strategic goals, installed a steering committee, and put plans in place to broaden the network of women working in mechanical construction. In addition, WiMC be holding its first webinar on March 17, 2019, where Jane Gowing will provide her own experiences in the industry, serving as president of Gowing Contractors.

“This is a very exciting time for women to be a part of the mechanical contracting industry,” Zulich added. “WiMC will help to create a network of successful women in our industry, and bring an important perspective on how we can create an industry that embraces inclusiveness.”

The WiMC committee has already established several goals it would like to achieve, including the development of training and networking opportunities, the sharing of career advancement opportunities, increasing engagement with women at association events and board meetings, and highlighting the industry as a career of choice for women.

“As the unified voice of the mechanical contracting industry in Canada, it was extremely important to us that we showcase the incredible women already active in our industry, while promoting this industry as a career of choice,” said Jack Bavis, President and Chair of the MCAC Board of Directors. “The new WiMC initiative will not only celebrate those women but add to that momentum and encourage more women to join this exciting industry.”

More information about the Women in Mechanical Construction Industry is available on the WiMC website at Women working in mechanical construction are encouraged to sign-up on the website to join the growing network and take advantage of exclusive networking opportunities through WiMC.

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