Today DMS Industrial Constructors (DMS) is one of Western Canada’s fastest growing industrial contractors. Our success can be directly attributed to steady growth and diversification of services, while continually raising the bar for client expectations.

Incorporated in 2001, DMS began primarily as an industrial piping contractor. Committed to fostering client relationships based on partnering, transparency, and “outside of the box” thinking, the fledgling company realized early success.

Prompted by client requests for additional services, DMS diversified in 2003 adding both Millwright and Structural Steel Divisions.

As the company continued to expand both service and clientele, the requirement for in-house fabrication quickly became a reality, and in 2006 DMS purchased a 35,000-square foot fabrication facility, to produce piping spools, skids, and miscellaneous structural steel assemblies.

Today DMS can be found executing projects across Canada with employees based out of our offices in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and British Columbia.

  • Fabrication facility purchased in 2006
  • Diversified millwright and structural steel services to include overhead crane fabrication and maintenance.
  • Purchased AJP Engineering in 2009, providing in house structural and mechanical engineering.
  • Purchased Canadian Quality Inspections in 2011
  • Piping and vessel insulation division in 2012
  • DMS is registered to ISO9001-2015
  • Compliant to ISO 14001-2015 and ISO 45001-2018.


We will provide positive social and economic impact for the communities in which we work, while continuing to grow both geographically and in diversity of service. We remain committed to providing our clients best value with an emphasis on safety and quality of product.

Core Values:

  1. An uncompromising commitment to safety, health, and the environment is central to everything we do,
  2. We value integrity and transparency,
  3. We value excellence and efficiency, our standards are high,
  4. We continually innovate and improve through effective benchmarking and best practices,
  5. We value people, and are fully aware that we will succeed only if the people we work with are allowed to use their skills effectively and creatively,
  6. We value challenge, accomplishment and the satisfaction of knowing we’ve met or exceeded expectations – especially our own.