Project Management

The DMS project management team excels at overseeing a project from inception to completion.

Our project management process ensures the efficient use of time and budget through our scope definition, clear consistent communication, risk management knowhow, and experience navigating the Canadian landscape.

With an in-house fabrication facility, design support capabilities, and experienced project managers DMS can be very agile along the critical path. The team takes pride in planning new projects and have incredible foresight identifying potential inefficiencies over the project lifecycle. Their main goal is creating the maximum amount of value for a partner by managing time and budget effectively.

Our teams all operate within a culture of safety. For any new opportunity, our project managers work closely with our HSE Manager and client to ensure the project aligns with Municipal, Provincial and Federal safety regulations or guidelines.


DMS Industrial Constructors is also the parent company to AJP Engineering, a Manitoba based engineering consultation firm with 35 years of service within the industry. AJP Engineering specializes in welding engineering, finite element analysis, structural design, crane design, crane runway design, pressure vessel, and piping design.

With the services of AJP, DMS is able to offer our clients, design-build, design assist, and EPC capability.

Our engineer services are specialized in the following:

  • Pressure vessel design
  • Pressure piping design
  • Machine design
  • Structural engineering
  • Welding engineering
  • Industrial and mobile equipment repair
  • Fatigue evaluation and repair for overhead cranes and runways
  • Fall protection system design

Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC)

The biggest decision when deciding to construct a new facility is the selection of an EPC contractor. DMS has proven experience in the field and aims to keep projects on budget through efficient use of time and materials, all while operating in our culture of safety.

DMS actively utilizes lean construction and engineering practices within our process. Our COR certifications speak to our track record of high productivity and safety. The culture of quality and safety at DMS is continuously evolving how we better serve clients.

The procurement of materials, construction, logistics, and installations can all be managed by our committed staff of professionals. Throughout the process, ownership involvement is encouraged as collaboration and transparency is key.

Design Build

Collaboration is key. The team mentality related to design-build processes allows the architects, owners and contractors to work together throughout the delivery process. This allows the client to save valuable time in pre-construction by avoiding the lengthy bidding process.

The increased efficiency is created by tackling design, permitting, construction, and inspections alongside the client, allowing them to make informed decisions each step of the way.

DMS has completed numerous design build projects over the years. It is our goal to implement the best construction practices within every process to deliver outstanding value to our clients. DMS looks to build for the future by considering new design practices, construction technologies and sustainability efficiencies within each new project.

Fabrication Facility

To better serve the needs of our clients across the country, DMS owns and operates a custom fabrication facility in Winnipeg, Manitoba. To see more on our facility and capabilities visit the Fabrication Page:

See Fabrication Page