DMS works with our clients in the oil and gas, chemicals and process, metals and mining, power and utilities, and in the manufacturing industries to minimize the impact of any scheduled or un-scheduled maintenance outages.

Our experienced team is capable of quickly assessing a customer’s needs and tailoring a strategy to quickly execute maintenance work safely and efficiently.


DMS performs annual maintenance turnarounds for several industry leaders, such as Husky Oil, Koch Fertilizer, and Canexus (Chemtrade).

Typically, DMS is involved during the planning stage of the outage to provide cost forecasts, develop a schedule, help identify and manage risks, and to coordinate resources.

As always, safety is at the forefront of our strategic planning.

Throughout the execution phase, DMS provides the management team required to co-ordinate our teams safely and efficiently.

Progress and costs are reported to the client in real-time, allowing for accurate trending and scheduling. Found work is reported immediately and worked into cost and/or schedule, eliminating unforeseen cost impacts and/or schedule delays.

We are very proud to be the mechanical contractor that our clients trust to get them up and running in the shortest time possible. As in all the work we perform, quality is paramount, ensuring the facility stays productive until the next scheduled outage.


Our certified inspectors can help you ensure the smooth and safe operation of important components like pressure vessels, pressure valves, cranes, crane rails and hoisting equipment. We’ll help you stay abreast of code changes and keep your facility compliant and safe.

Our certified inspectors will work with your staff, ensuring the safety of your operation and keeping you compliant with all codes and regulations.


Unfortunately, emergency breakdowns are a fact of life in any facility. At DMS, we understand that a disruption causing loss of production is a real emergency and we offer 24/7 call-up service to all our clients. Once notified, appropriate trades are dispatched immediately, working around the clock to restore your facility’s production as quickly as possible.

Breakdowns happen, and when they do, we’ll be there. DMS Industrial has access to professionals across the trades and can deploy the right people in a timely fashion, reducing downtime in increasing confidence in your operation.​