The oil & gas sector in North America demands complex strategies and a specific skillset. DMS has experience in all aspects of the industry. Our portfolio includes service for pump stations, storage terminals, refineries, pipelines, power, and water infrastructure. These core elements within the industry can be completed safely and efficiently by DMS.


DMS possesses the experience, leadership, and resources to execute brownfield or greenfield projects, maintenance outages, maintenance resources, scheduling and planning activities, project budgeting for capital projects.

DMS can assist with the budgeting, planning, scheduling, registration, and construction activities of chemical plant relocations. These activities are executed while complying with the highest level of regulatory and statutory code requirements.

DMS also has the knowhow to perform inspection and maintenance and cleaning of pressure vessels in accordance with the ASME Pressure Vessel Code. Within a process chemical plant, there are specialty alloy welding requirements, DMS maintains numerous welding procedures such as various, stainless steels, carbon, Inconel, titanium, chromoly, and A20 Alloy.

Some related projects include:

Koch Fertilizers | Chemtrade (Canexus)


DMS has completed numerous projects within the Western Canadian mining and mineral sector. Our teams have completed projects for a variety of mineral types including, potash mines, nickel mines, copper mines, gold mines.

Whether it is brownfield work, greenfield work, maintenance shutdowns or commissioning assistance, DMS aims to work closely with your team to create a tactical execution or maintenance plan that will help you feel confident in your next project.


Griffin Manufacturing, MRM, CertainTeed, Monarch Industries, and Lafarge to name a few, are some companies we have assisted in various projects. Some common services we provide are routine maintenance work, capital project execution, planning and budgeting.

DMS also provides engineering support to assist with the design of new equipment platforms and efficiency projects within the plant. Maintenance specific tasks within the manufacturing industry include yearly preventative maintenance programs for pipes, cranes, valves, etc.


DMS frequently preforms important maintenance, shutdown, and turnaround tasks that are common within the industry. Our team is also proficient in pharmaceutical specific techniques like ‘orbital welding’ services for the light wall stainless steel tubing.

The DMS ISO program has been known to pair very well with the quality control systems that North American pharmaceutical corporations have in place. Procurement, construction management, execution, and budgeting for capital projects, greenfield and brownfield tasks is something that we thrive in. We are excited to hear more about your next project, so feel free to reach out through email or phone and ask a bit more about our experience.