At DMS we are always looking to give former or current students with aspirations of careers in the industrial construction industry an opportunity. Students that are working towards or have completed programs in Engineering, Project Management, Various Gold Seal arenas can reach out to see what types of positions are available within our company.

DMS has recently led the charge establishing an engineering student chapter of the MCAM (Mechanical Contractors Association of Manitoba). More on the MCAM:

The MCAM is a non-profit trade organization that represents plumbing and heating contractors in their relationship with the construction industry, legislative departments and other industry related bodies. Brad Mason and Julien Lafleche (DMS President and Senior VP, Operations) both serve on the board of directors for MCAM. Brad as the National Direct and past President of the organization and Julien as the Second Vice.

If you are curious on how the MCAM is working with engineering students focusing on Mechanical Engineering, please contact the organization directly HERE or feel free to inquire though DMS.

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