At DMS, we offer a wide array of industrial mechanical services. Should your construction project be Greenfield or Brownfield, DMS can assist with all your mechanical requirements, providing the best value at a competitive price.

The diverse DMS team reassures their ability in mechanical installations with 20+ years of experience in a wide variety of industries. Our mechanical division can efficiently complete plant removal, plant relocation, installations, maintenance and repairs.

Our installation team has the support of our fabrication facility located in central Canada. The ability to produce products in-house adds value throughout the process for our clients through vertical integration.


We are adept in all types of utility and process piping regardless of material type. Our list of registered weld procedures covers the basic materials of carbon and stainless steels, as well as the more exotic material types such as Inconel, titanium, chromoly, and A20 Alloy.

Our team of experienced pipefitters are supported by our fabrication facility to produce spools and/or modules when feasible. With the use of cutting edge equipment, we add client value by reducing site costs, while increasing efficiencies by performing in a controlled environment, eliminating site congestion.

Our quality management system and attention to detail insures a world class installation and flawless start up every time.

Some common installations include pressure vessels and piping, storage tanks, industrial boilers, steam piping, oil and gas lines, and utility piping.


DMS has extensive experience in the installation of all types of equipment, including tanks, pumps, cranes and crane rails, as well as rotating and material conveyance equipment.

Our millwrights have experience in the installation and maintenance of high-speed pumps and turbines. Key customers such as Trans Canada Pipelines, Enbridge Pipelines, Koch Fertilizers and others rely on our team to provide support in new equipment installations. This is in addition to regular maintenance requirements completed. See more information on maintenance and shutdowns on our Industrial Maintenance page.


DMS offers 24/7 emergency industrial maintenance services.

When clients are faced with unexpected plant failures, they can trust that DMS will provide the expertise required to quickly bring the facility back online, minimizing the interruption in production.

Preventative maintenance and inspection are keys to having machinery working safely and efficiently. Whether it is bundle extraction for heat exchanger maintenance or boiler inspection and repairs, DMS works closely with the operations team to establish a maintenance plan that fits within the customers daily operations.

See the full spectrum of DMS Maintenance & Canadian Quality Inspections below:

See Maintenance & Inspection Services


DMS Industrial Inc. has been performing Boilermaker services and employing Canadian Boilermakers since its inception in 2001. Trained craftworkers are employed from trade unions in every province.

DMS boilermakers are proficient in shutdown and turnaround activities. Our teams’ experiences allow DMS to contribute to the planning, scheduling, and execution of major industrial plant projects. Our boilermaker core services include;

  • Vessel Blinding
  • Bundle Pulling
  • Heat Exchanger Cleaning
  • Heat Exchanger Tube Repairs
  • Vessel Repairs
  • Boiler Specific Piping


Our welding services include pressure piping and structural welding (CWB - CSA Standard W47.1). Our registered weld procedures can be applied on common and exotic metals alike. These metals include carbon, stainless steels, inconel, titanium, chromolly, and A20 Alloy.


Our insulation team is comprised of experienced, client driven individuals from within this sector. In tandem with our engineers, they’ll determine the optimum type of insulation, quantity, vendor, and installation method. Your well-insulated equipment will provide years of service, reducing costs in the long run.

Energy costs are a big part of the balance sheet in any industrial operation. Some of the most energy-intensive processes that industries engage in involve heating or cooling materials. These materials are stored or transported, and any net change in their temperature is, in effect, a loss of efficiency in manufacturing, and in effect, the company’s bottom line.

Rather than compensate for this loss by using extra fuel to heat or cool the material, over the long haul it will pay to increase the thermal efficiency of the process and utility piping, vessels, and tanks involved in the system.

Common services offered:

  • Coverings for Process and Utility Piping
  • Tanks and Vessels
  • External Duct Work