• EXPERIENCE: Red River College, Michigan State University, Board Member for MCAC, MCAM, MCAA and more.


With thirty-five years of progressive supervisory experience in all phases of the industrial construction industry. Brad has built DMS by gaining a reputation of taking technical complex projects from inception to completion. Ability to streamline procedures that improve safety, productivity and control costs is something that he has always considered a priority.

In the industrial sector, contracts are awarded based on relationships and reputation. Brad believes every project deserves client driven thinking and problem solving in a forum that is fair, open and accountable. Instead of the adversarial approach common in the industry that pits client, administrator and contractor one against the other, ​Brad promotes bringing all of the stakeholders together, creating a strong and effective team.

Brad recognizes that DMS’ success is a direct result of its people. Brad promotes an environment where people are encouraged to use their skills effectively and creatively while at the same time supporting the corporate vision and values. DMS has an inclusive culture based on diverse backgrounds, experience and personal views. Opportunities are created for people to achieve the extraordinary and success is celebrated and rewarded. His goal is for employees to be proud to work at DMS.

An important part of who Brad is, involves giving back. Brad is committed to corporate social responsibility. He understands the importance of building strong communities and supporting many worthwhile organizations.

Brad sits on numerous boards including;

  • Mechanical Contractors Association of Manitoba – National Director
  • Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada – National Director
  • Canadian Education Council – Vice Chair

A sample of charities that Brad donates his time and provides financial support through DMS are:

  • Samantha Mason Foundation – founded by the Mason family
  • Blue Bombers – to sponsor multiple charity efforts
  • Live Different – to sponsor building homes and resources in other countries
  • Office of the Fire Commissioner – sits on the advisory board
  • Alzheimer’s Society of Manitoba – as the Event Chairman of the gala​