• EXPERIENCE: Capital Project Engineer, Scheduling, Turnaround Management Projects, Systematic Maintenance Strategies, Maintenance Programs.


Blair comes to us with a great deal of industry experience. His knowledge of systematic maintenance strategies and pro-active maintenance programs tops the industry. His ability to schedule, plan and execute of large turnaround management projects strengthens a dynamic DMS team.

Working as a Capital Project Engineer has helped Blair develop the skills needed to make business cases for various projects, while moving forward to complete the project from conception to project close-out.

Blair has a special interest in renewable energy projects and enjoys the opportunity to apply his 26 years of experience to all customer projects. He finds it rewarding to help all clients realize the goals of each and every project they work with DMS to complete. Blair sees DMS as having an undeniable ability to build for the future with innovative practices and he is excited to be a part of it.

Blair is stationed out of our office in Regina, Saskatchewan. If you are requiring any services that are province specific, be sure to contact Blair with the contact info on this page.