At DMS, we are dedicated to protecting the safety and well-being of all by conducting every aspect of our business in a safe manner, consistent with our corporate values.

We continually strive to adopt a proactive approach to safety by incorporating best practices and constant improvement through both internal measurement and external benchmarking. Over the past decade, DMS has accumulated 3,000,000+ labour hours without loss time due to injury.

DMS stands behind the development, implementation and maintenance of an up-to-date safety and health program consistent with best management practices in an effort to prevent losses due to accidents. Our program complies with applicable health and safety legal requirements issued by Federal, Provincial, and Municipal bodies.

We realize that accident prevention is a shared responsibility between management, supervisors and workers. In order to achieve our goal of zero workplace injuries, all employees take responsibility while working together in identifying, eliminating and controlling hazards present in our work environment.


DMS is an active member of ISNetworld and holds national COR safety recognition. DMS is ISO 45001-2018 and ISO 14001-2015 conforming.
Through ISNetworld, our company safety policies and reporting are kept up to date and available for review by our clients.

In addition to the online database, ISN’s review and verification services provide expert evaluation of our company’s health and safety records to verify their accuracy and validity. The health and safety records of our company are something we are proud of. We don’t hesitate to make them available for review through ISNetwork.

As a nationally certified COR contractor, DMS takes safety management seriously. Our safety program is our top priority. Maintaining our national COR certification involves in-depth audits of our safety program. These audits assure the safety program we apply to projects across Canada is also being correctly implemented and enforced. For a full review of what it means to be COR Certified, you can visit their website at www.constructionsafety.ca

We strive to be THE leader in safety performance.