At DMS our on hand millwrights are MSHA certified. All of process used have been included in this certification process. Millwrights have to continually update their skills and at DMS ongoing education such as problem solving, reading blueprints and others. Our millwrights are always in close communication with productions managers, which then determine details like placement of machines in an industrial plant.

DMS continues to lead the field in the installation and maintenance of production/fabrication equipment in the manufacturing industry.

Our Millwright services include:

  • Assembly of various components
  • fitting/aligning gears
  • attach motors
  • Belt connections
  • Reading blueprints.
  • Laser adjustments
  • Plant or installation lines

Our Millwright Division was instrumental in the success of the project, as they worked closely with the compressor supplier on all aspects of the equipment installations. This included preservation activities, installation practices, and start up/commissioning work.

Millwrights are a major part of DMS as we perform many lifts involving extreme levels of accuracy. Millwrights work in the heavy machinery and power generation industries. They also assemble, set and balance turbines, rotors, pumps, valves, cranes. Millwrights are in high demand as the fabrication of metal frame work is expensive and valuable.
This profession is often paid based on their years of experience.

We strive to be The Leader In Safety & Performance.